In small towns, suburban locales, and city neighborhoods around the world, small businesses like yours are the lifeblood of their communities. These businesses account for half of the global GDP and employ two-thirds of the global workforce. You understand the reality and potential because you’ve seen it for yourself. You’ve also likely confronted some possible barriers to success.

Technology shouldn’t be one.

The effect the right technology can have on business success is stunning. Today, small businesses are leveraging technology to redefine the 21st century workforce. They’re embracing the cloud and mobility to react and scale quickly to meet customers’ needs. They’re collaborating with teammates, customers, and partners in innovative new ways.

This is why the size of your business shouldn’t limit the technology you can use—especially now. In fact, even the smallest business should have access to the latest technology, the same technology used by the largest companies and governments all over the world. The good news: that technology is now available to you from Cisco. It’s in a portfolio of simple, secure solutions, curated and priced to help small businesses build connectivity, security, and collaboration—Cisco Designed. It’s technology that’s innovative and tested, tried and true, and now, designed for you. (The availability of products in the Cisco Designed portfolio varies by country. Please check with your local Cisco partner to learn more.)

Cisco may be big, but we kept our small business solutions simple.

Most small businesses (maybe yours?) don’t have the time or expertise to deal with technology they see as too complex. That’s why the Cisco Designed portfolio is made up of solutions that are easy to buy, install, and manage, and tailored to an environment like yours.

Join us for the next #CiscoChat and see for yourself. We’ll go behind the scenes to show you our approach to building Cisco Designed, including all the new offerings and features, and share what you can expect to see from us over the next few months.

The Truth about Small Business: Behind the Scenes of Cisco Designed
Thursday, May 28 at 1:00 p.m. ET, 10:00 a.m. PT


Jim Hunton, CTO, Zag Technical Services
Sarah Eccleston, Managing Director, Small Business, Cisco
DD Dasgupta, Vice President, Small Business Customer Solutions, Cisco


Devin Hood, Director, Digital Experiences, Cisco

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Donna Eason

Global Customer Marketing Writer