Hello all,

I trust you are all ending the week on a high note. We certainly feel like we did!

We are delighted with the interest in the new Cisco RV340 Series VPN Routers. We getting requests worldwide, even here, on our Cisco Blog.

Our team was in Melbourne for Cisco Live this week. The show was outstanding with great information, new products, and the best attendees!

We were there to show off our new Network Monitoring and Management platform called Cisco FindIT. Dave, Helena, Ani and Sohaib manned our Cisco START FindIT booth. You can see they are a sharp-looking crew!

Cisco FindIT was the star of the show, along with our SG250 Smart Switch, RV320 Dual WAN VPN Router, and WAP571E Outdoor Wireless Access Point, and finally the WAP150 Dual Radio Wireless Access Point. We showed off FindIT’s ability to monitor and manage our networking devices making overall network management easier, better, and faster. As you can see, they presented a nice set-up environment in our booth.

Yesterday, our Product and Market Strategy Team visited our friends at Newegg. We showed them our new Cisco SG350 Managed Switches, RV340 Series, and newest wireless access points including the WAP571/E, WAP150, and WAP361.

Our stack of product ready to show to Newegg!

Finally, the team would like to announce our second winner for our Cisco RV340 Series Contest. Manny Correia from Warwick, Rhode Island is our second week Prize Winner! Manny will receive our care package next week. Congratulations Manny!

The contest officially ends next Monday. Make sure to put in your entry daily!

Click here for the original Cisco Contest Blog. Scroll down for the Contest Quiz link.

Stay tuned here for upcoming news and products! Have a great weekend,



Marc Nagao

Product Manager

Small Business RV Series Routers