With ten new partners you know it’s not an illusion

Do you remember that magic trick with the metal rings that seem linked together? The magician pulls and an audience member pulls and the rings seem to be solid – forming an unbreakable chain. But with sleight of hand they come apart. It’s just an illusion. And an old trick.

I see a lot of technology ecosystems that remind me of that. They aren’t much more than a collection of logos and links. Sometimes there is one-to-one API integration but they typically look like brand sharing.

Well that’s not the way it is with the pxGrid group of technology partners. Because pxGrid is a secure, scalable and IETF standards-based way to share telemetry and quickly kill attacks using the network as an enforcer.

Security is an arms race that continues to intensify – in a threat landscape too big for any single vendor to confront. If solutions don’t work together the bad guys have the advantage which is why we must consider security technology that is open to integration.

That is openness is what pxGrid embodies – it’s open to virtually every network security company.

But getting in the program takes an engineering and support investment. That’s why I’m proud to let you know ten new partners are showing they are extra-serious about helping customers fight the bad guys and their wares (ransom and mal). So now our list of serious security partners keeps getting bigger.

Cisco pxGrid reduces the complexity and fragmentation you get with security products that don’t interoperate, and allows you to get more value from the tools you especially need to keep your company safe.  With pxGrid you can automate the sharing of telemetry and even automate the containment of threats without sneakernet (I can’t believe I used that, but you get the idea).  Plus you can suck-in identity information from the Identity Services Engine and turn a misbehaving IP address into a real thing: a person, their BYOD type, at a certain location, and access time.

We know many products are superb individually, but are vastly more powerful when integrated — vastly more powerful because they share data and become more intelligent.  By exchanging intelligence and services you can detect and stop threats faster — before they cause even bigger problems.

Check out the new partners (notice the cutting-edge companies that are adopting pxGrid?)

Cloud Access Security Broker

Make sure your cloud-based security can be shared and enforced on your on-premise network.

netskope-pxgridNetskope™ the cloud access security broker (CASB) enables IT to protect data and ensure compliance across cloud apps so businesses can move fast, with confidence.

User Behavior Analytics

Keep an eye on the activities of users to see if they are doing something out of the ordinary.

fortscale-pxgridFortScale finds insider threats with intelligent rule-free UEBA that’s quick to set up, low false-positive and easy to scale.*

niara-pxgridNiara provides machine learning-based analytics for automatic cyber-attack detection on the inside, and integrated forensics for easy access to the context needed to investigate actionable events.

Cisco Rapid Threat Containment, including the new Threat-Centric NAC

Stop attacks as they are detected via admin or automatically using the network as an enforcer.

attivo-pxgridAttivo Networks Deception Platform integrates with the Cisco ISE using pxGrid to automatically block attacks that have been detected by the Attivo BOTsink engagement server, expediting incident response and safeguarding networks.

intelliIntelliment allows enterprises to automate network security policy management in order to help them better handle security at scale and to automatically respond to network threats via the ISE integration.

lemonfish-pxgridLemonFish provides advanced discovery and high-end threat analytics by scouring the deep and dark web to determine if sensitive data has been leaked from the organization, to quickly reduce risk and shorten the time to mitigate.

qualys-pxgridQualys supports the new Threat Centric NAC feature to dynamically change user permissions based on the changing threat ratings of a device.*

redshift-pxgridRedShift Networks is a leader in securing Cloud based VoIP networks and provides the industry’s first complete security solutions developed for Unified Communications (UC), VOIP and Video.

threattrack-pxgridThreatTrack empowers cybersecurity teams to quickly identify and disrupt active cyberattacks by correlating discovered malware with anomalous network behavior to reveal malicious intent, the malware infections and lateral movement that indicate a breach or attack is in progress.

trapx-pxgridTrapX DeceptionGrid deploys camouflaged traps that uniquely emulate endpoints, servers, Cisco Switches, VoIP, SCADA and IOT devices to deceive, detect and then defeat insider threats. TrapX DeceptionGrid integrates with Cisco pxGrid to support rapid network mitigation actions through Cisco ISE for high-severity threats.

Identity and Access Management


Situational provides integrated security for identity, mobility, and information protection.


Network Visibility

Improve your understanding of what systems on your network are doing with each other.

lumeta-pxgridLumeta delivers real-time, authoritative network visibility for simplified breach detection.

AnyConnect Network Visibility Module and mobility ecosystem and partners

These are existing partners who have added the ability to suck-in NetFlow data from an AnyConnect-enabled endpoint so you can get an idea where users are going and what they’re doing with your intellectual properties.

ibm-pxgridIBM:  IBM Security QRadar SIEM integrates with AnyConnect NVM to form a solution that combines leadership IBM Security Intelligence capabilities with valuable contextual information about users, identities, privilege levels, and device types including mobile and BYOD.*

liveaction-pxgridLive Action integration with Cisco ISE allows Live Action to manage user information and give administrators deep visibility in performance and availability of network devices.*


Splunk: combining Splunk software with Cisco ISE provides analysts with the context they need to quickly assess and respond to network and security events in Cisco network environments.* 

*Not a new partner, but they are expanding the use cases they support with pxGrid

See the full list of our technology partners here.



Andrew Peters

Senior Manager for Product Marketing