Yesterday, the Snort team here at Sourcefire conducted its first major release of Snort now that we are part of the Cisco family, Snort  You can read more about this release over on the Snort.org Blog.

In this version we released a lot of new features.  Features that have been requested by our community, and features that pave the way for further innovation and work here at Sourcefire, now a part of Cisco.  We’re extremely proud of this release and always look forward to hearing your feedback about how we are doing!

As Marty said in his initial blog posts during the acquisition, we are committed to keeping Sourcefire’s Open Source projects and its Open Source culture alive, and we’re hoping you’ll download the new version of Snort and give the new features a try!

I’m still the Open Source manager, and you can always reach me via my email or the mailing lists here:  http://www.snort.org/community/mailing-lists


Joel Esler

Open Source Manager & Threat Intelligence Team Lead