By 2020 it is expected we will see a 4X cloud traffic increase, half of connected devices will be machine-to-machine, and 9X more video traffic flowing across service provider networks. The blending of these dynamics leads to a sizable economic opportunity for service providers over the next decade through new services and operational savings.

Automation, effective use of clouds, software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) matter greatly to the future of big networks. As Cisco continues to innovate and reinvent the network, we are working with our service provider customers to help them adopt new digital solutions across their businesses to expand their reach and value into new markets via managed service offerings.

We are happy to share that Verizon Partner Solutions (VPS) recently announced its new Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution is now available to Verizon’s wholesale customers. The SD-WAN solution, which utilizes the Cisco Meraki® platform to virtualize hardware across the network, is designed to help Verizon’s wholesale customers better control network operational costs and improve bandwidth efficiency, while also maintaining high levels of performance for critical applications — all without sacrificing security or data privacy.

Key features of Verizon Partner Solution’s SD-WAN offer include:

  • Transport independence: easy-to-configure IPsec overlay and traffic distribution over multiple paths, with built-in load balancing and automatic fail-over capability.
  • Application optimization: centralized network visibility and control, as well as quality of service and bandwidth management with traffic shaping.
  • Intelligent path control: policy-based routing, which assigns a traffic path based on source, destination or application; and dynamic path selection, which chooses a traffic path per-application based on loss, latency and jitter.
  • Secure connectivity that features intuitive, AES encryption to maintain data privacy.
  • Centralized SDN control and policy management that helps Enterprise scale efficiently

We are proud to collaborate with Verizon Partner Solutions to launch this new managed service capability for its wholesale customers– and together offer the enterprise a flexible way to outsource management of their WAN network.

You can read more details about Verizon Partner Solution’ SD-WAN service here.



Jonathan Davidson

EVP and General Manager

Cisco Networking