While the topic of Open Source is not new,  the topic of using open source in today’s networks has gained momentum in recent times, which, not surprisingly, coincides with the broader conversation of open networking. While there is considerable interest, there is also a lot of confusion. Several questions pop-up:

– What is Open Source vs. an Open Standard?

– How do Open Source consortiums work?  What is the governance model?

– What are the security implications of Open Source based implementations?

– What are the likes of Cisco and IBM doing in this space?

– What is the Open Daylight project?

– Is open networking the same as open-source networking?

If you would like to get an overview of not only  mechanics behind open source projects and communities, but also get a great overview of the recently announced OpenDaylight project from the Linux Foundation, I invite you to register for the 4th session of the Cisco Open Network Environment webcast series “Using Open Source in Networked Environments – Discover the Possibilities and Benefits” broadcasting on June 18th at 9 a.m. PST.


Joining me in this webcast as I host three industry luminaries in the Open Source community including Michael Enescu, Cisco Chief Technology Officer for Open Source Initiatives at Cisco, Daniel Frye, Vice president of Open Systems Development from IBM joining and Jim Zemlin the Executive Director of the Linux foundation.

Register today for the session on June 18th for what should be a lively and educational conversation.

For those of you that are new to the webcast series, Cisco’s Open Network Environment or Cisco ONE is a company-wide initiative to bring the network closer to applications, by making networks more open, programmable and application-aware.

If you missed any of our previous Cisco ONE Webcasts, I invite you to access the on-demand sessions below:

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An Introduction to onePK
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Shashi Kiran

Senior Director, Market Management

Data Center, Cloud and Open Networking