The Internet of Everything will connect 50 billion things by 2020.

Your midsize business needs to stay ahead of potential security risks.

Are you ready?

Previously, I wrote about the importance of driving success for midsize businesses. Today I am focusing on security and BYOD for midsize companies.

Are you fully aware of all of the people and devices on your network? Has your business begun implementing BYOD? Allowing employees to bring-your-own-device on to the network can increase productivity and collaboration. For guests, BYOD can improve the customer experience and enhance customer loyalty.

A Cisco IBSG Horizons study indicated that 63% of IT leaders expect the percentage of employee-owned devices on the network to increase within the next two years. That’s not surprising given that most employees want to use their personal phone or tablet at work.

I frequently use my personal i-Phone and i-Pad when I’m in the Cisco office. I’ve found that BYOD does increase my productivity. Because Cisco has a strong BYOD policy, Cisco IT knows that the network remains secure – regardless of which device I use.

The challenge is that many companies don’t have a strong BYOD policy in place. A recent study found that 40% of BYOD users don’t lock their handsets with a password and 2 out of 5 haven’t applied the most basic security protocols. This makes security top of mind when implementing a BYOD solution.

At Cisco, we understand the challenges of BYOD for midsize businesses.  Our message is simple – every business needs to be alert to the risks of security breaches and potential attacks through insecure devices. We understand that midsize businesses have limited IT staff and value simplified deployments. We know that your IT team needs to manage device access effectively so that your users don’t accidentally create vulnerabilities in your network.

We’ve simplified BYOD.  With just a few clicks, IT can quickly set security policies across the wired and wireless network based on user, device, and location. The Cisco One Network, One Policy, One Management approach enables IT to spend less time running the network and more time encouraging innovation to differentiate your business.

Recently, one of Europe’s largest radio stations Radio Max implemented a BYOD solution while relocating their operations. With Cisco BYOD, Radio Max’s midsize business can now securely and easily connect devices from employees and guests to the station’s network. “Performance has significantly improved despite the growing number of RadioMax employees, which increased by 10 percent in the last six months,” said Markus Stangl, the technical coordinator and deputy head of technical division.

Each day, more of the world is connected. The Internet of Everything is here to stay. There will be more devices, more people, and more potential security risks to your network. Stay ahead of new technologies and potential security risks with Cisco. We can help you keep your network robust and secure.

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