Years ago, we started developing an internal tool called Client Insight for monitoring and troubleshooting endpoints. Without full client visibility, we couldn’t ensure reliable performance and connectivity. Even though our test beds only had a few dozen devices back then pushing applications, monitoring performance and changing configurations was still too cumbersome for our teams. In order to simplify our own device management, we dedicated an engineering team – really just one engineer – to building our own mobility management tool.

Years later, the device management market has finally grown up (usually called enterprise mobility management these days). Powerful solutions are available providing monitoring, application management, security policies, etc. Unfortunately, these solutions leave IT managers with a huge list of features, a huge project to implement them, and a painful reality of the costs and people needed to manage them. The complexity of the solutions and the difficult project of setting them up have kept enterprise mobility management from truly reaching its potential.

Back in 2015, we changed our tool’s name to Meraki Systems Manager and launched it to the market. And ever since we’ve been committed to simplifying mobility management. Today’s launch brings enormous power and flexibility to that solution without compromising simplicity. With the Cisco Meraki Systems Manager, IT groups specify the right apps, the right access, and the right configuration for mobile devices. And the Meraki Dashboard takes care of the rest.

For an example, Systems Manager simplifies the process of adding the Outlook email and calendar app to all employees’ devices when they are in compliance with security policies. Furthermore, a device falls out of security compliance, Systems Manager will automatically suspend its apps and access accordingly.

We’ve also added many new features to our enterprise mobility management solution, including:

  • Per-App and Always-on VPN
  • Android for Work – fully certified
  • Systems Manager API
  • Brand new UX tools to simplify onboarding
  • Managed app configuration
  • Cellular data tracking
  • User authentication w/ Google, Azure, or any OAuth

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, try Systems Manager for free with an instant 30-day trial now.


Todd Nightingale

No longer with Cisco