Is Your Company Achieving the Full Value of BYOD?

Robert Metcalfe popularized the idea of the “network effect,” where the value of a network grows exponentially in proportion to the number of users and things on that network. Many people these days wonder if this principle applies to the “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend—where the complexity of all the devices, software, and standards that must be accommodated may cause some IT leaders to question whether the promised value is worth the headache.

Certainly there’s potential for tremendous value: the most recent report from Cisco Consulting Services on the Financial Impact of BYOD reveals that with the right approach to implementation, companies across the globe could be generating an average annual value of $1,650 per mobile user. In the United States, than number grows to $3,150.

So, how can you know whether or not you are realizing the full potential of BYOD in your company? And more important, how can you progress from wherever you currently are along the value journey to where you want to be?

One place to start is the interactive BYOD Assessment Tool that Cisco Consulting Services developed as a companion to its latest BYOD research and analysis. Through a quick and easy six-step process, the tool highlights key findings and helps you identify which level of BYOD implementation your company might have. The Assessment Tool provides a quick estimate of the value you are currently deriving from BYOD in your company, and offers some general recommendations of next steps to take.


The interactive Cisco BYOD Assessment Tool estimates the value of a current BYOD implementation.

Of course, the interactive BYOD Assessment Tool is designed to provide just a general sense of your company’s progress along the BYOD “value journey.” A BYOD engagement with the Cisco Consulting Services Research and Economics team can take you deeper.

An engagement will produce a detailed assessment of your company’s current usage and capabilities, and the benefits your company is gaining from BYOD today. Our team will also take a close look at the increase in value you can expect by taking a strategic approach to implementation, which we call Comprehensive BYOD. You’ll have a better understanding of how employees across your workforce are using BYOD, and what you can do to help them be more productive and innovative using their own devices for work.

Like the “network effect,” BYOD requires a critical mass of users before you can appreciate its benefits. But to enjoy its full value, you need to be sure that you are enabling the right users, with the right capabilities, under the right governance model. Click here to request a customized BYOD assessment.

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  1. Now really a bad deal

    Employee: “Can I bring my iPad to work?”
    Employer: “Sure, but our application doesn’t run on iPad, so first you’ll need to write an iPad app at home and bring it”
    Employee: “Here’s that iPad app i built on my own time, can I bring my iPad now?”
    Employer: “Sure, but you’ll need to configure to deployment servers for that app. Do it after hours please”
    Emploee: “Oh, those server are all set up. My lawn didn’t get mowed and i missed my kid’s soccer game, but I think its all done”
    Employer: “Great, just put up a WIKI explaining how to use the app, how to download it, and our phone number so people can call you after hours to take care of problems.”
    Employee: “Wait, why do i need to support this?”
    Employer: “Who else will? If you’re running our business on it, you’d better have support. If you need to off-shore your support, we could do a charge back to your for the time we spend supporting it. We’ll just need to write up a service contract.”
    Employee: “Hmm, what if i just get a Windows 8 tablet?”
    Employer: “Oh, yeah, that’s no problem.”

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