Hello from Cisco Live 2022 in Las Vegas. Normally, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” — but not this time! Today, we are excited to announce Nexus Cloud, agility of cloud, power of Nexus. Nexus Cloud will be the easiest way to deploy, manage and operate Cloud Networking.

In the past, our customers controlled everything within the 4 walls of their data center. With the rise of the public cloud, co-lo, SaaS, things got much more complicated because their assets are now spread out across the Internet.

Although they no longer own the assets or physically control their workloads, they are still responsible for the same level of availability, security, and conformance as before. At the same time, new requirements for sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly top of mind of leaders at all levels.

The average Global 2000 enterprise must deploy, connect and manage infrastructure to support over 400 custom applications and 300 SaaS applications (Source: Cloud Security Alliance, 2011). More than ever, the modern distributed enterprise needs the agility of a cloud-managed, cloud-delivered service to bridge on-prem and multiple clouds.

At Cisco Cloud Networking, we think about how to solve these problems with our customers. The first of these problems is high performance networking. Today, we are excited to announce the evolution of our industry-leading, flagship Nexus portfolio to 400G and 800G-ready with the Nexus 9800.

But that’s just the start. In addition to high performance switching, we are also addressing our customers’ broader cloud networking problems. How do they manage connectivity across the cloud and connectivity within their clouds? How can they manage these environments in a coherent operating model? The answer is Nexus Cloud.

Introducing Nexus Cloud

Nexus Cloud will be the easiest way to deploy, manage and operate your cloud network. Nexus Cloud is about simplicity.  It provides end-to-end visibility from endpoint to site and back again. For the first time in Cisco’s portfolio, Nexus Cloud will provide real-time visibility to energy usage, leading to insights and actions that will help customers reach their sustainability goals. With data centers generating over 1% of our global greenhouse gas emissions, we are focusing our efforts on how our technology portfolio can help operate and manage our carbon footprint.

“Nexus Cloud is going to fit right into our hybrid cloud strategy. My team is excited about the new solution because it offers a new level of simplified management and sustainability insights for strategic planning that has not been available until now.”

—Tom Hull, CIO, Kaleida Health

It couldn’t be a better time for us to be doing this. Cloud-managed, cloud-delivered, as-a-Service offers flexibility and choice, as well as the fastest network operations time-to-value. The next generation of Nexus delivers world-class programmability, performance and power efficiency. A unified experience brings it home through a single platform to unlock the power of networking with innovations in cloud-managed tools and data-driven platforms.

These are exciting times as we align with our customers to give them the agility of cloud, power of Nexus to accelerate their business outcomes. With Nexus Cloud, together with Nexus 400G Performance Options to Transform Your Enterprise and Cloud, the sky’s the limit.

Now that’s something worth talking about, from Vegas and beyond.


Ish Limkakeng


Cloud Networking