Security trends and innovation are in the spotlight this week at the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco.   With the rapidly expanding attack surface and increasingly sophisticated attackers, the event is a must for insights on how the industry can meet this pace of change, evolve and defend against advanced threats.   Solving our customers’ toughest security challenges is our number one priority and we’re pleased to share Cisco innovation  — both technology and thinking — that will better help you protect against threats across the attack continuum – before, during and after an attack.

For starters, we’re delivering new product innovation by adding Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) to our Web and Email Security Appliances and Cloud Web Security.  We are calling this “AMP Everywhere” because of its pervasive protection from the cloud to the network to the endpoint. This broad protection is made possible through the combined power of Cisco, Sourcefire and Cognitive Security technologies, integrated to bring you the best end-to-end solutions to combat Advanced Threats.

A few of the call outs in this announcement include:

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) on Content Security —This integration provides, customers worldwide with comprehensive malware-defeating capabilities, including detection and blocking, continuous analysis and retrospective remediation of advanced threats addresses the broadest range of attack vectors across the extended network.  Web and email interactions remain one of the primary vectors for malware infection in organizations and with the integration of AMP – already available as a network and endpoint solution – on our leading email appliance and web security gateways,  we are bringing customers the best protection wherever a threat can manifest itself.  The enhanced offering represents one of the first technology integration successes between Cisco and Sourcefire, and extends the option of advanced malware protection for more than 60 million enterprise and commercial users currently protected with Cisco Content Security solutions.

Cognitive Threat Analytics— In addition, Cognitive Threat Analytics is now available to Cisco Cloud Web Security Customers. Cognitive Threat Analytics is a highly intuitive, self-learning system that uses behavioral modeling and anomaly detection to identify malicious activity and reduce time to discovery of threats operating inside the network.

FirePOWER 8300 series appliances — As network speeds continue to increase, the need for higher-performing appliances capable of advanced malware protection increases. The FirePOWER 8300 series delivers a 50% increase in inspected throughput (compared to the 8200 series) and is stackable to 120+ Gbps of throughput.

In addition to these products, we are also deepening our commitment to community innovation.   Cisco believes that complex security problems can be solved through open source – through collaboration, building trust and engaging with the broader security community to solve our most difficult security problems.   Snort is a great example of the innovation that we can build with the community.   So, today we go a step further and are now delivering OpenAppID, an open source application detection and control language that allows users to create, share and implement custom application detection, so that they can address new app-based threats as quickly as possible.

Finally, we will share some new thinking that will challenge you to look at security differently.  During my keynote at 3:05 p.m. on Thursday, my colleague and technology visionary, Padmasree Warrior will join me in a discussion about how the pace of technology is impacting security, especially in an era of connected devices, known as the Internet of Things.

We all know that threats are proliferating in epic proportions while the population growth of Internet-connected devices and systems accelerates.   To meet these challenges we need innovation on multiple levels.  Its’ not just the technology or the community or the vision that will empower us all to succeed, but a combination that will deliver Intelligent Cybersecurity for the Real World.