I’m happy to announce a new resource for companies with 100-1,000 employees:  the Cisco Midsize Business Solutions website. Built for midsize IT and business leaders, it discusses current market influences and top challenges with insights on how to address them. With solutions, case studies, videos, and tools, it provides these leaders with the information they need to grow their business.

One of the top focus areas on the website is the infrastructure. A strong IT infrastructure is important to the success of any business. The infrastructure is how we get the applications we need to do our jobs. It’s how we collaborate with our co-workers, partners, and customers. It’s how we access the data we need when and where we need it. When it comes to midsized businesses, it’s the key to growth. 


With this new resource, midsized companies will be able to take a deeper look at how to build a strong infrastructure. Business leaders can explore key topics like growth, customer experiences, workforce productivity, and cost reduction. IT teams can find guidance for today’s IT challenges like mobility, BYOD, clouds, and security.

We’ve also made significant investments in our global network of valued partners. What does this mean to midsized businesses that depend on partners for IT and support? Now it’s even easier for them to work with their partners to choose, deploy, and manage their IT.

At Cisco, our goal is to deliver reliable, affordable, and secure IT solutions that meet and exceed the needs of midsize businesses. We want to make it easy for these organizations to pick the right technologies, solutions, and partners for their business. Working together with our trusted partners, we’re helping midsize businesses thrive. I encourage you to learn more by visiting the new website for Midsize Business Solutions.