02/03/2020 Update: We have completed the acquisition of Exablaze. Welcome to the team!


Network capacity and speed are today’s bread and butter for data intensive, highly transactional-based businesses requiring optimized bandwidth performance in industries and market segments like high-frequency trading (HFT), financial services, high-performance computing, and emerging AI/ML clusters.

That’s why I’m pleased today to announce Cisco’s intent to acquire Exablaze*, a privately held, Australia-based designer and manufacturer of advanced network devices aimed at reducing latency and improving network performance. Integrating Exablaze’s innovative products and technology into the Cisco portfolio will give our customers the latest field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology providing them with the flexibility and programmability they require.

In the case of the high frequency trading sector, every sliver of time matters. By adding Exablaze’s segment leading ultra-low latency devices and FPGA-based applications to our portfolio, financial and HFT customers will be better positioned to achieve their business objectives and deliver on their customer value proposition.

Cisco is committed to delivering best of breed platforms as the foundation of our Intent-Based Networking strategy. Together, Cisco and Exablaze will accelerate next generation low latency solutions for Intent-Based Networks.

We look forward to welcoming the Exablaze team to Cisco upon completion of the acquisition, which we expect in Q3 of FY20.


*Zomojo doing business as Exablaze



Rob Salvagno

Vice President

Corporate Development and Cisco Investments