It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we unveiled initial customer solutions from the Apple and Cisco partnership. We started off by seamlessly integrating enterprise calling, prioritizing business critical applications, and optimizing the Wi-Fi experience for iPhone and iPad on Cisco networks. We’ve seen healthy adoption across multiple verticals, including healthcare and retail.

Today, I’m pleased to give you a glimpse into what’s next from Apple and Cisco.

We’re broadening support for optimized Apple devices on Cisco networks. We all want the apps that we rely on for work to simply work, no matter which Apple device they’re using.  We are pleased to announce that we’ve extended the “Fast lane” for business critical apps to macOS. This will enable you to be productive and efficient while working on the device of your choice – iPad, iPhone or Mac, even when the network is congested.

We are delivering effortless meetings with Cisco Spark and Cisco WebEx on iOS and Safari. Building upon our commitment to deliver seamless experiences, we are enhancing how Cisco Spark and Cisco WebEx will take full advantage of iOS 11 in three significant ways.

  • Cisco Spark and Cisco WebEx meetings are now a simple tap away from your iOS calendar or meeting notification.
  • When joining a Cisco meeting from an iOS device, users will be able to seamlessly share their screen real time with other meeting participants.
  • Guests and infrequent users of Cisco Spark or Cisco WebEx will be able to quickly join on Safari with full audio, video, and presentation viewing capabilities.

We are also working with Apple and the developer community to help them take advantage of the innovation we’re delivering. Check out Susie Wee’s blog on how Cisco DevNet is helping iOS developers validate their enterprise apps for Fast lane and integrate Cisco Spark video and voice into their apps.

Reach out to your account team if you want to be the first to try these new features. Tune in to Cisco’s annual customer event – Cisco Live! and check www.cisco.com/go/apple as Cisco makes more announcements around our innovative solutions.

What do you think? What else do you want to see? Let me know @rowantrollope.



Rowan Trollope

Senior Vice President and General Manager

IoT and Collaboration Technology Group