It’s back-to-school time once again. Whether it is smartphones, tablets or laptops –devices and the classroom are more intertwined than ever before. Thanks to the growing connections in the Internet of Everything (IoE), it is now easier than ever to integrate the device into the classroom. With college costs on the rise, there is no question why many students, professors, and colleges, are turning to technology to increase access to resources.

The days of ‘my roommate ate my homework’ are coming to an end. Often classes now offer online homework, allowing access from anywhere at any time. Aside from making it easier for students (and teachers), instant grading lets students know their weak spots well before the test. Interactive problems make tricky concepts easier to grasp. For professors, it gives a real-time look at what the entire class is struggling with or understanding.

With higher education, colleges are now bringing the class to the device rather than the device to the class. Lectures and assignments are posted on the web. In fact, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) boasting professors from well-known universities are a free alternative that is attracting many students. With only 27% of college graduates obtaining a job in their major, MOOCs are a great resource for graduates looking to increase their knowledge in their new field of work. MOOC providers like Coursera are also collaborating with countries around the world to localize courses.

As the Internet of Everything grows to connect more people and things across the world, access to education will continue to grow. The increasing connectedness is allowing students and non-students access to a college-level education, wherever they may be. Together with technology, we can create a more educated and collaborative future.

If you would like to learn more on how the Internet of Everything is transforming education, be sure to read this blog from Cisco Chief Futurist Dave Evans.

What do you think is the best addition technology has made to education?

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