For our 300M+ Cisco collab users, our team’s responsibility and commitment is to always be thinking about “what’s next?” to serve you. What’s coming on the horizon that will move your business forward and delight your employees? What’s coming that will shift collaboration as we know it and just make life easier?

Next week, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to show you Cisco Collaboration in a whole new light at Enterprise Connect in Orlando.   We’re going to share our view of the beyond and how customers get there, step by step, with the exciting innovations we can put in their hands today.

Since I’ve never been a big fan of waiting, I’ll give you a sneak peek. Cisco’s future is about Cognitive Collaboration.  It’s about AI and ML steeped across everything we do.  Intelligence and context woven throughout productivity tools, physical spaces and business processes, delivering personalized experiences that will knock your socks off. Why? Simply put, we’re going to give customers the type of personalized experiences they deserve, that will transform the way we work and live.

It’s going to be a game changer.  Come and see for yourself, or tune in here next week and we’ll tell you all about it!



Amy Chang

Executive Vice President

Collaboration Technology Group