Blog PicIf you had US$15,000 to take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?  I’ve always wanted to visit Perth, Bangalore, and Brasilia myself, but sadly, I’m not elligable to win the Unified Access Challenge.  However, if you’re reading this – you probably are!  Basically, you watch an accelerated TechWiseTV episode with JimmyRay Purser, Robb Boyd (with a short Ike video too), and then answer a few questions about Unified Access.

The challenge is open for three more weeks and there are a few versions you need to choose from. If you’re a Cisco Partner you need to take the Partner version.  If you don’t know whether you’re a partner or not, you’re probably not, so don’t fret.  Because for non-partners we have the challenge in both English and Spanish:

Please note, there are some T&Cs on each landing page.  Now, on to the Borderless Network Week in Review:

Borderless Networks Community

You’d think a good Week in Review would be posted on a Friday.  Perhaps a nice little “this is what happened over the last few days.” But, this one is hitting on a Monday, just because.  I spent a good part of Friday working on a few posts for this week I hope you’ll find both interesting and fun.

Last week we had two webinars, celebrated the 10th birthday of the Sup 720, the 40th anniversary of the mobile phone (with Infographic), posted a humorous video by the Compact Switching team, continuation of the MEGATRENDS blog series, and more!

Webinars: You can watch last week’s webinars, on demand at the links below.  Additionally, we have a few more planned in the next few weeks you’ll want to register for

Community: While it’s been stagnant for a few years, we’ve started sprucing up the Borderless Networks Community. Over the last few weeks it’s had a light facelift (goal: make it less ugly), we’ve started getting product experts in to answer questions (hint: go ask questions you may have), and have started implementing a system for cataloging webinars. Our eventual goal is to create a one-stop-shop for webinars – both viewing on-demand webinars and registering for upcoming ditto.

Did you know we also have a private community just for the Catalyst 3850 Switch?  We do.  It’s called my3850, and you can register for it here.

Finally, here is that fun video for the Catalyst Compact Switch!


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks