Whenever a new technology appears, it’s often tough to wrap your head around it. What does it do, exactly? What does it mean for my network? How much is this going to cost me?

When you have questions like that, it’s important to know an expert. That way you can get your questions answered thoroughly and in a straight-forward manner. Lucky for you, the hallowed hallways of Cisco is littered with experts; and this week Ask the Expert host Jasmine Shah talks with Cisco Wireless Technical Marketing Expert Jim Florwick.

Get Ready for Wi-Fi 6E

Florwick, who has been at Cisco for many years, has experienced a lot in his tenure as a Technical Leader and is absolutely the right person to talk about Wi-Fi 6E; what it does, the extension’s benefits and what it means to your network. Since he is so knowledgeable about all things wireless, Florwick will be able to explain the ins and outs of Wi-Fi 6E in a concise, easy-to-understand manner.

Just so that you have a head start on the Ask the Expert video here’s a quick primer; at its base, Wi-Fi 6E is simply an extension of Wi-Fi 6 into the 6GHz spectrum. Since the spectrum is new and only accepts Wi-Fi 6E devices, it doesn’t have any of the old issues currently clogging up current networks. It offers better capacity, higher network reliability and more security. Here at Cisco, we have been writing about Wi-Fi 6E a lot, and if you want to read a bit more, here are a range of blogs that can help answer your questions.

The conversation is brief—less than ten minutes—but impactful. Jasmine asks the important questions and Florwick really explains the information in a way that’s easy to digest. I am positive that you will learn a lot.

Get that Wi-Fi 6E education!

Get Ready for Wi-Fi 6E with Technical Marketing Engineer Jim Florwick



Byron Magrane

Product Manager, Marketing