If you’re attending CiscoLive London, we’ve got some great talks, challenges (competition where you can win a variety of prizes), and new solutions being launched.  In this blog I’m going to highlight a few of the activities and events we have planned that I think will be the most fun/cool/educational/tasty.

<SIDENOTE:> If you’re skipping CiscoLive then you’ll want to head right over to register for our live webcast, “Get Your Network Ready for BYOD with Cisco Unified Access” on January 29.  You’ll also want to start hanging out at the Cisco Borderless Networks community where we’ll have a Q&A and we have a bunch of upcoming events and fun. </SIDENOTE>

However, if you’re attending, here is where to be and when.  Starting with an executive summary that looks a bit like I forgot to decrypt a file.

  • Tuesday: GENKEY-2000, PSOBN-1006, PSOBN-1007, PSOBN-1005, PNLSEC-4006
  • Wednesday:  GENKEY-2001, PNLCRS-2345
  • Thursday: BRKCRS-2889

Now, for the long-form and hopefully some of these descriptions will pique your interest

Monday – 28 January:

Hopefully you’ve arrived by now, checked into your hotel, and are doing whatever you need to abate jetlag.  Find your way to ExCeL London (“the UK’s most flexible event space”), pick up a badge, and attend some early technical seminars.

Tuesday – 29 January:

  • Start: You better wake up early to get to get a seat for the opening keynote by Padmasree Warrior, our awesome CTO. The keynote starts at 9:30 and is sure to be illuminating. If you’re not physically in the room, it will be broadcast live on CiscoLive! 365.
  • Borderless Networks booth (10:30GMT GENKEY-2000):The World of Solutions opens so please stop by the Borderless Networks booth in the back of the hall – it is the biggest booth by far so you can’t miss it. We have over 30 different demonstration pods and a theater where we’ll have lightning talks – at 15 minutes each, they’re better than pizza delivery..
  •  “Is Your Network Ready For… ” [3 sessions in the Gold Theater]
    • … Unified Access? (11:30GMT PSOBN-1006): How do you enable greater business agility, operational efficiencies and new connected experiences across your wired and wireless networks? How can you help your IT teams to spend less time running the network and more time innovating?
    • …Next Generation threats? (14:30GMT PSOBN-1007): How are you handling the growing menace of complex cyber-threats compounded by more and more devices connecting to the network? As new malware surfaces, network administrators need to be alerted in real time regarding how to mitigate disruptions, network downtime, and data loss.
    • … Cloud? (15:00GMT PSOBN-1005): We all know cloud computing is a major trend in information technology, and many organizations have high expectations for their cloud initiatives. However, many organizations are at risk from overlooking how their network is key to their cloud services. Here we’ll have a high level overview of how Cisco can help make your cloud deployment successful.
  • Panel: BYOD: Managing the Proliferation of Smart Devices in the Enterprise (16:15GMT PNLSEC-4006): You have to attend this panel because, frankly, the description is just so cute!
    • BYOD is Real, it’s Here!
      The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) into the workplace environment is in full swing, creating an entire new set of issues for CIO’s and IT departments, as “mobility” invades the enterprise. How does an IT department cope with the proliferation of smart devices, dealing with issues such as access, bandwidth and management.
      Theft, device insecurity, poorly developed apps, corporate data accessibility – these are but a few of the realities that IT departments will have to face when travelling down the BYOD road. Hear from our panel of experts and how they are managing with this growing phenomenon.

Wednesday – 30 January

  • Start (10:30GMT): Again, the World of Solutions will be open.  You’ll want to stop by for a few new lightning talks and another round of the various challenges
  • Solutions Keynotes (11:00GMT GENKEY-2001):  This is the second Keynote of CiscoLive and has four senior technology leaders who will share their insights in to how Cisco is leading the way to provide an integrated, intelligent and versatile network that can make the Internet of Everything possible.
  • Unified Access : Unleash The Power of Internet of Everything (16:30GMT PNLCRS-2345) – You’ve probably heard of the Internet of Everything.  In this panel you can hear how customers are actually using Cisco Unified Access and putting it to work to connect thier Internet of Everything.
    • We are entering an era of the Internet of Everything (IoE), where the network infrastructure will gain tremendous context awareness with increasing processing power to connect people, process, data and things everywhere in a manner that we have never experienced before, creating dramatically new opportunities for businesses, organizations and people. In this panel event led by an industry analyst, Cisco leaders, technology experts and customers will discuss the potential and challenge of IoE, as well as how the Cisco Unified Access solution can use its “One Policy. One Management. One Network” approach to help unleash the power of IoE.

Thursday – 31 January

  • Start (10:30GMT): World of Solutions will be open one last day.  Stop by for a few new lightning talks and your last chance at the various challenges.
  • Converged Access System Architecture (14:00GMT BRKCRS-2889) – Diving into the “One Network” Capital Suite Room 10.

I hope you to see you at CiscoLive in person – and if not, I’ll be posting updates here and to @CiscoEnterprise.


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks