#GameChanger is the one word we used to describe the new branch router: ISR 4451-X.  We said it was designed from the ground up with rich services and application delivery in mind.  How did we do that?  Two words: Service Containers.

Service Containers are embedded into the router hardware itself, making it easy for you to manage and operate network services and applications.  Services and applications are protected within each container, making it possible for each service to perform at the level that you need to, but also gives you the flexibility as its embedded nature entails.  And since these containers can talk to each other even if they are on a separate device, you get high availability for your branch automatically.

The amazing Techwise TV team created this video to describe to you in more geeky terms what Service Containers are and its benefits:


At this point, you might be asking what performance you can expect from the ISR 4451-X with all the services that Cisco claims can be run on the platform. This Miercom report shows you the details of this super 4451-X and its performance metrics you can expect.

I invite you to join the webinar this week hosted by Techwise Tv’s Jimmy Ray Purser and Matt Bolick, head of Cisco’s geek squad to learn more about the Service Containers.  They are ready to answer any questions you may have about this new technology that brought about the 4451-X.  Here are some tough sample questions:

  1. How is this Service Container different from having virtual applications?
  2. How do you guarantee that applications on the Containers will not affect the performance of the router?
  3. What kind of applications is currently allowed on the Service Containers?
  4. How is this different from UCS E-Series?

Register here to pick their brains:  https://communities.cisco.com/community/technology/borderless_networks/fun


Allison Park

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks