Today everyone wants more and more from their network: more control, more visibility, and more security. And that’s exactly what Riedel Networks intends to give its customers, including the Olympic Games and Formula 1 as well as TV broadcasters and global enterprises.

With customers migrating data and applications, the communications networks provider decided to expand its product offerings to include a managed SD-WAN (software-defined networking in a wide area network) offering.

Riedel Networks services some of the largest and most connected events around the world.

But with today’s security threats coming from vectors including remote workers, the additional of SD-WAN requires security gateways, both central and remote customer locations. The company needed an SD-WAN security solution for the edge.

Riedel has relied on Cisco technology since it started out connecting the headquarters of Formula 1 teams with race circuits. So, it was only natural that it turned to Cisco.

Cisco SD-WAN Security ensures every single packet on its journey to the cloud and back is kept secure without hindering performance. The Cisco technology provides everything from a broad range of connectivity options – including satellite connections and 5G mobile networks – to advanced SD-WAN routing and a full security suite.

And the vManage software controller means Riedel can manage everything centrally, over a single dashboard. With the right security controls in the right place based on policy, traffic, and location, customers have greater resiliency, no matter where they are – which is vital for businesses reliant on their networks for transferring pictures and sound as well as data.

Riedel Networks delivers customers a managed digital service including SD-WAN and SD-WAN Security for the latest in cloud networking.

The company plans to adopt Cisco’s new Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms, which will allow Riedel Networks to deliver a secure, connected multicloud across the Cisco SD-WAN edge. Ultimately, bandwidth above one gigabyte per second means Riedel can include headquarters and data center sites in the SD-WAN.

Riedel’s communications networks are prepared for the future. Are yours?

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Sangita Patel

Cisco SD-WAN, Routing, Cloud Networking Marketing Lead