NRF 2015 is a wrap. The annual show where anyone who’s anyone in retail goes to learn about the latest ways to grow revenues and improve store operations. Here’s something you may have missed:


Meet Collecto. Your one stop shop for all marketing insights you need to make informed business decisions.

  • Want to find out where the most popular aisle is in your store? He’ll get it.
  • Need to know how many customers you have at any given time? He’ll get it.
  • Been meaning to serve up personalized offers to customers on mobile phones? He’ll get it.

But is there a better way to get Marketing insights?

Learn from this guy:


That’s what CMX can do for you.

And it’s not just retail. Organizations in all industries, healthcare, education, hospitality, are feeling the pinch to adopt to the mobility trend and keep up with more agile competitors. Then there’s the challenge of how to use big data and analytics in a meaningful way to grow your business and increase revenues.  As you saw in the video, CMX can help.  Learn more about the ways CMX is evolving to help businesses transform in this Techwise TV episode.

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Yaniv Katan

Senior Product Marketing Manager