TechSpace allows companies of all sizes to rent space in campus environments. So if you’re a small company without a lot of capital for an office or if you’re a large company that has quickly outgrown your building, TechSpace is the company to rent office space from. With all of these different companies setting up shop under one roof, TechSpace needed a network with fast connectivity and ironclad security.

Enter Cisco.

“We decided to partner with Cisco to make good on our promise of a top-notch customer experience,” said Vic Memenas, Chief Executive Officer of TechSpace.

The company used Cisco products to deploy both wired and wireless network solutions to create multiple private segregated, secure customer environments. TechSpace’s network has grown to support 8,000 customers over eight campuses. Cisco’s solutions don’t require a legion of IT support as a 10-person crew oversees the entire network.

The TechSpace network makes use of Cisco hardware such as: Aironet Wireless Access Points, Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series switches, and Cisco 3900 and 2900 integrated service routers. These products provide a fast Wi-Fi and the Cisco firewalls that protect the network from threats. These devices also allow for extras like: voice and video conferencing, collaboration capabilities through Cisco WebEx and Cisco Jabber as well as other customizable features.

With Cisco’s network running smoothly, it has allowed TechSpace the ability to grow and within the next year, the company will open seven new locations. The blueprint for these networks—including the Cisco products, of course—will be duplicated in the new offices.

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Byron Magrane

Product Manager, Marketing