For a small to medium sized business owners, the thought of creating a wireless network can be a bit daunting. Now add a security deployment on top of that and a daunting task quickly turns into Mission: Impossible.

Many business owners share these feelings of technology dread and in their worry two things tend to happen:

1. Without a wireless network a lot of money is left on the table. Their competitors are jumping into the wireless world with both feet and are offering customers services that network-less businesses don’t have.
2. Without the proper security, their data is defenseless. More than anything, a business’ data is the most important thing it owns. Material items can be replaced, storefronts can be rebuilt, but once your data is stolen, you can’t get all of it back. And customer trust is hard to restore.

Luckily, there’s a solution. Cisco Mobility Express and the Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE), which now offers the ISE Express License Bundle, are specifically tailored for the small- to medium-sized business who want to have an enterprise-class solution like the bigger companies but doesn’t have the space, money or technical expertise. The good news is that Mobility Express and ISE Express are low-cost and compact enough to put anywhere and you don’t need to be a PHD to set up the network and deploy the security software—and they have all of the Enterprise features that Cisco is famous for.

Cisco ISE Express is a licensing bundle specifically tailored to get guest services up and running quickly and easily. This comprehensive licensing bundle offers enterprise-level guest services at a fraction of the cost. What that means is your small- to medium-sized business will have the same security as the larger enterprise-level organizations. Cisco’s security solution encompasses: hotspot, sponsored and self-registration portals as well as RADIUS authentication, authorization and accounting for 150 end points. ISE Express also comes with a virtual machine license and unlimited access to the ISE portal builder

Cisco Mobility Express is a deployment solution designed to bring enterprise-class wireless access to small- and medium-sized networks. Cisco Mobility Express can be deployed in less than ten minutes and has a virtualized control function on a master access point. This means that no physical WLAN controller appliance is required, with up to 24 802.11ac Wave 2-supporting access points serving as subordinates.

With ISE Express and Mobility Express, you truly get the best of both worlds: a state-of-the-art wireless network and equally modern security product to safeguard it. Note: Actual integration of Mobility Express + ISE is planned in 2018. Currently, the two solutions are managed separately.

To read more about Cisco Mobility Express, click here. To read more about Cisco ISE Express, click here.


Dan Stotts

Product Marketing Manager

Security Product Marketing organization