CES and NRF kicked off 2015 with a bang, and as usual, showed us that there is no shortage of gadgets and dashboards to help businesses solve their every need.

From an IT perspective, choosing the right tools to solve each technology challenge should involve a full evaluation the merits of feature sets, while balancing the (rapidly shrinking) budget. But the business doesn’t wait – IT is flanked by consumer-mindset-driven employees and visionary execs eager to stay on top of buzz words like Big Data and Analytics.

Not coincidentally, we’re witnessing IT budgets shift over to Line of Business (LoB), a clear nod towards the business relevance of digital engagement.

In fact, 44% of mobility initiatives are now either completely funded or jointly funded by Line of Business (LoB) leaders.

This is a great opportunity for IT to align with LoB interests and drive programs that allow LoB and IT to successfully deliver business outcomes together using technology.

Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) sits at this sweet spot where the network, traditionally owned by IT, can help LoB better understand customer behavior and drive operational efficiencies using data analytics, as well as improve customer engagement.

And now, CMX is evolving beyond Wi-Fi to other data sources from the network (think BLE, video, CRM and more) to help our customers transform their business models for the mobility age and the impending Internet of Things.

With the latest updates to the solution, our customers can now:

Gain Customer Insights With the Latest Location Innovations

  • New Hyperlocation Module bringing Wi-Fi location accuracy up to submeter accuracy when combined with BLE
  • Enhanced FastLocate to bring location data to big data levels with up to 120 location updates per minute
  • Faster compute times with 2-4 seconds systems latency for actionable, real-time insights
  • Comprehensive Cisco BLE Strategy for hybrid location approach: Wi-Fi and BLE together for granularity, visibility and control

Simplify Tools with User Centric Design

  • Unified Dashboard consolidating all views for Mobility Services Engine (MSE) including historical and real time location analytics, BLE, captive zone portals and systems management
  • Pre-designed Vertical Analytics for enterprises that want more comprehensive analytics tools

Prepare Your Business with Big Data Ready, Scalable Infrastructure

  • Server Scaling and Clustering with MSE 10.0 for greater infrastructure elasticity to support up to 1M clients and analytics data storage improvements for 150M records
  • Cloud-based EMSP Consumption Model option for monthly invoicing

Join Robb Boyd and Jimmy Ray Purser in this Techwise TV episode as they delve into how to go beyond Wi-Fi location to transform business models: REGISTRATION LINK.

And check out this video for a fun way of understanding the relevance of CMX for solving LoB challenges.


Read the full The Next Wave of CMX: Location Innovation, Scalability, and User-centric Analytics for Better Customer Engagement blog to learn more.


Prashanth Shenoy

Vice President of Marketing

Enterprise Networking and Mobility