The Summer of 2007 brought big changes to my life. Not only did I move back to my home country after having a three year stint abroad in an Asia Pacific product sales specialist role, but over a course of a few months, I watched my United Premier status go from 1K down three levels to Silver, the bottom rung. While I appreciated not being on the road all of the time, the thought of standing in line at the airport again without the elite check-in line, fast pass through security, or time to relax in the United Club lounge made me dread my next trip.

Fortunately, there are airports out there who are striving to make the traveling experience efficient for their patrons, regardless of passenger status. Copenhagen Airport is working with Cisco and SITA to do just that – using the Wi-Fi network to gain analytics they can use to properly staff security, check-in, customs, and stores.

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