Dramatic growth in remote work and multicloud workloads demands an elevated level of networking performance, security and network analysis when delivering enterprise connectivity.

SD-WAN technologies and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) architectures provide a needed upgrade to legacy networking.  Digital transformation will help organizations deliver better performance, centralized management, and more flexible solutions.  Cisco and ngena are working together to provide connectivity solutions that address business’s needs. ngena’s platform is exclusively powered by Cisco.  Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela), Cisco Meraki, and security from Cisco Umbrella is delivered as a global service through ngena’s network of partners.

QuickSizer by ngena simplifies and accelerates designing and deploying Cisco SD-WAN

ngena QuickSizer Network Design

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Although ngena has had a sizing tool that partners could use for a while now, ngena recently launched QuickSizer by ngena for customers to use. This online tool helps you design powerful SD-WAN architectures for a software defined network using a simple and user-friendly interface. Whether it’s supporting a remote worker or an enterprise-class redundant network, QuickSizer makes designing a new SD-WAN environment simple and fast.

You can also select from ngena’s library of pre-engineered Access Designs. These easy to consume bundles combine hardware, software, licensing, public and private Internet links, security options, analytics services, quality of service (QoS) parameters, and more.

ngena Access Designs automate thousands of manual tasks and accelerate the deployment of Cisco SD-WAN so that you can gain agility and rapidly respond to business demands without the need for forklift upgrades, months-long projects, or risk capital expense (CapEx) investments.

QuickSizer allows you to scope an entire network architecture with just a few clicks. It’s just one way in which the ngena one-touch connectivity platform powers transformation. We understand today’s business professionals have a need to understand operational costs of business transformation.  Many are transitioning from CapEx models to OpEx models to run their business.  QuickSizer provides the information needed on SD-WAN connectivity costs that can accelerate budget approvals and implementation of the solution.

All-in-One Managed Service

The ngena SD-WAN as a Service includes:

  • All Cisco hardware, routers, and customer premise equipment (CPE) deployed
  • Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela), Cisco Meraki, or a hybrid solution of both
  • Cisco Umbrella security providing protection from data center to remote worker
  • Software and licenses
  • Public and private Internet links
  • Full suite of managed services handling everything from deployment to analytics

ngena QuickSizer Network Design

Benefits of using ngena for Cisco SD-WAN as a Service

Everything from changing service terms to reconfiguring CPEs to handle new workloads is done through ngena’s centralized, single pane of glass dashboard. With Cisco SD-WAN delivered as a flexible service, NetOps and IT leaders can meet new demands quickly, assuring the utmost in performance, availability, and innovation.

The ngena platform provides industry leading range of choice and customization. Mix and match the best of all Cisco SD-WAN product sets to craft a solution that is custom-fit for your exact needs.

Take QuickSizer for a test drive today

You can get hands-on with the QuickSizer today and have access to ngena’s library of Access Designs and powerful configuration tools. Account registration is required by ngena to gain access to some features and options.

This tool provides access to the knowledge you need to design the right Cisco SD-WAN solution for your business.

Additionally, Cisco and ngena have many partners that can help design your WAN infrastructure. This can free up time for your valuable IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives.  Regardless, this simple tool can help provide valuable information on your needs.

Please contact your Cisco representative with any questions you may have.


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