In a recent post, we discussed Dimension Data’s 6th Network Barometer Report and its recommendations. Detailed in this exhaustive report, Dimension Data has found that 32% – about 1/3 – of all Service incidents are related to Human Error*. (* 6% Configuration Errors and 26% Other human errors)

We’re all human and we all make mistakes – that’s the way we learn.  However, in this era of constant connectivity, with mobility and the Internet of Everything growing rapidly, there is an ever-increasing demand on your network to perform, be available and stay secure.  Incidents of IT failure are becoming more and more costly, not only from an operational aspect, but even more so from the loss of uptime, data and customer satisfaction.  What if you could have 33% less service incidents, while using 32% less resources, keeping your network as stable as ever?  That’s where Cisco Active Advisor can help you!

It’s no secret that Cisco Active Advisor is a huge time saver – Cisco Active Advisor is a free cloud-based service that automatically discovers Cisco Enterprise Networking products with no hardware or software installation, and can not only keep you up-to-date on important lifecycle milestones, but also analyze your network health and offer recommendations for improvement.

Cisco has compiled a set of Best Practices Designs, based on experience gained from multiple TAC and escalation cases, engineering testing and customer interviews, into a set of recommendations that can improve reliability, availability and performance of your network.

Making use of Cisco’s expertise and experience allows you to save time and money, and utilize your resources on projects that enhance your productivity.

Cisco Active Advisor automates the process of applying recommended best practices and gives you personalized and actionable recommendations, thereby making your network stable, available and secure. Cisco Active Advisor’s Best Practices:

  1. Eliminates human errors
  2. Significantly reduces the rate of incident reports
  3. Saves you time and simplifies applying recommended Best Practices.

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Cisco Active Advisor will measure Switching and Wireless Best Practices as defined in Cisco Enterprise Campus Infrastructure Best Practices Guide and Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Best Practices

Switching Best Practices are available on select models of Catalyst 2K, Catalyst 3K, Catalyst 4500 and Catalyst 6800-Sup2T.

Wireless Best Practices are available on all models of 2500 and 5500 Wireless LAN Controllers.

Improving your network couldn’t be easier, and it’s free!

So, please tell us – how did your incidents rate reduce with Cisco’s Best Practices? And how much time did Cisco Active Advisor save you in applying Best Practices? What did you do with all that time and resources? Please tell us, we’d love to know!

Learn more about Cisco Active Advisor, and log in with your cisco.com ID. Or, view this introductory video:

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Efrat Noy

Product Manager