For me, Halloween, October 31st, marks the start of the joyful holiday season.  Continuing onto Thanksgiving and Christmas, this time of year is full of family, friends and relaxation.

For retailers on the other hand, today (technically tomorrow) is the start of a very busy season.  According to NRF (National Retail Federation), it is when retailers get as much as 20-40%* of their sales of the year.  Retailers are measured by multiple factors including sales per square feet.  That means, real estate in a store is very valuable.  Every foot, no, inch counts.

This is where Hugo comes in to discuss this very topic with John Flood, another UCS E-Series expert.  How does UCS E-Series help save space and money for retailers?  Help save time for banks?


  • Series: Inside the Branch
  • Season 1: Inside UCS E-Series
  • Episode 3: Save with UCS E-Series
  • Host: Hugo Vliegen (Director Technical Marketing, Enterprise Networks)
  • Guest: John Flood (Product Manager, Enterprise Networks)

A few ways to save with UCS E-Series:

  1. Space reduction: Consolidate all the servers in the store/office into the 3RU or 2RU ISR
  2. Power reduction: Reducing 5-6 different appliances and servers into one single box can save customers up to 80% in power consumption
  3. Operational expenses: Keep just one service contract for the router and save on services opex and man-hour expenses for upkeep
  4. No truck-roll: With UCS E-Series on ISRs, adding applications and services can be done remotely with no truck roll.

You might say it’s easy for us to say.  So we’ll let a customer speak for himself who saved on all the above by consolidating with the UCS E-Series and deploying VDI.


Next week on the 4th episode, Hugo (mis)diagnoses a Cisco employee, posing as a doctor.  Stay tuned!

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Allison Park

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks