Networks that connect customer events such as Formula One, German Touring Car Masters, and the Olympic Games require state of the art reliability, speed and security. Riedel Networks is a German service provider doing just that. Not only for events but as well for all kinds of internationally active enterprises. Riedel engaged with Formula 1 in 1987 and continues to supply state of the art services. Their commitment to fast, consistent communications is why they continue to advance and refine their product offerings. Riedel has expanded from radio and visual technology to include network infrastructure and now SD-WAN.

Today, global businesses, media and broadcast institutions as well as event organizations rely on Riedel for their continued resiliency and cloud access. In a world where so many are moving to remote work and modernizing the branch, connected networks, applications and experiences are critical. Riedel continues to lead the industry, offering the latest Cisco solutions as a long-term, trustworthy partner. Riedel Networks is proud to offer Cisco SD-WAN Security with the new Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms.

Cisco SD-WAN Security delivers simplicity and automation so that we can apply the right security controls where needed, when needed. We are very excited to bolster that solution with the Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms.

– Joachim Sinzig, Director of Product Management, Riedel Networks

Riedel Networks provides advanced services for some of the largest events in the world.

Simple Cloud Management and Performance for the Edge

Riedel helps customers in a world where everything from remote users to branch IoT and OT connect from an edge to a cloud application. Their network must perform in a way that other vendors cannot provide, making routing decisions seamlessly over any transport including 5G, across multiple cores, clouds, colocations and backbones—all so that the customer and user experience never falters. Meanwhile, all of those connections, every single packet on its journey to the cloud and back, must be kept secure without hindering performance.

Cisco SD-WAN security provides Riedel cloud-managed simplicity and automation to deploy multilayered security controls at any edge with ease. That simplicity is critical when security threats at the edge can come from a variety of vectors including: remote workers accessing critical business information over direct internet access or from traffic at a transformed branch loaded with IoT/OT egress. With Cisco SD-WAN, Riedel can use the centralized vManage console to deploy the right security controls in the right place, such as an application-aware, enterprise grade firewall; URL filtering; Snort IPS; Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Networks; and Umbrella DNS-layer security. In addition, they can apply these protections as needed based on customer policy, traffic segmentation, and location requirements.

With Cisco SD-WAN Security and Catalyst 8000, Riedel Networks delivers digital experiences like no other.

In addition, Riedel plans to offer Cisco SD-WAN security on the new Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms. Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms help Cisco SD-WAN go beyond other solutions to deliver a secure, connected experience across the Next-Gen WAN Edge. Catalyst 8000 offers optimal performance and flexibility for secure networks, with up to 3X faster encryption, which will enable Riedel to encrypt every bit and byte of customer traffic across their SD-WAN fabric. Robust services support means Riedel will be able to utilize the latest technologies including 5G and dynamic compute resource allocation, helping its customers deliver transformed, multicloud experiences across the WAN edge.


Riedel Networks

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Deploying the right security controls for the right traffic Cisco SD-WAN security on the edge platform at the customer premises Reduced manual setup hours by 70% via central Management platform, central alarming and reporting
Gaining visibility and control over the network Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms* Reduced throughput degradation issues from security features by 80%
Centralizing networking and security management Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN and Routing – Advantage License


Secure network with Advanced Malware Protection, SSL Proxy, URL filter, Snort IPS, Service Chaining, and more

A Trusted, Long-Term Partnership

Riedel connects customers of all kinds including well-known corporations and government institutions. Many customers, including many racing teams in Formula One, know they can trust Riedel to provide a network that operates as intended with integrity, without error or delay, in order to deliver experiences that are reliable, private and secure. Cisco provides Riedel Networks the peace of mind that comes with a long-term, trusted partnership. Riedel Networks trusts Cisco, and customers trust Riedel Networks.

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*Planned Deployment


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