If you’re in the United States, you’ll know Thanksgiving means two things: turkey and therapy (as in retail therapy).

As one of our more shameless displays of mass consumerism, Black Friday brings to light the not-so-new fact that shopping and consumers are undeniably married to the megatrend of consumerization.

Deloitte declared in its Annual Holiday Survey that it’s smartphone shoppers who are driving sales this season. “Online and mobile shopping gets consumers in the spirit; [and] in-store service may seal the deal.” Retailers like Target are announcing left and right that there will be free Wi-Fi and smartphone navigation for the holidays to keep their mobile consumers happy.

Sure, businesses can provide seasonal perks to their holiday shoppers, but how does a retail business establish themselves in this new age of consumerization?

Using smartphones and the mobile Internet, customers all over the world have embraced a connected lifestyle. How can businesses not only engage, but also retain all these connect, mobile shoppers?

We unveiled our new Cisco Conected Mobile Experiences solution last week for just this reason. Whether you are in retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare, education, or government, Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences lets you tap into this lifestyle now.

Through partnerships with Meridian and Qualcomm, we built upon Cisco Unified Access infrastructure to create a platform to help businesses provide their customers with highly personalized content and experiences that build loyalty and boost sales.

Get more from your wireless network with Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences. Find out more by watching our 30 minute webcast or by visiting our solutions page.

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