Blog updated on September 8, 2020

Laying the Framework

Increasingly, a company’s network determines the agility of the organization as a whole. As recent events have laid bare, an outdated, rigid network will limit a company’s ability to pivot in response to unpredictable events. Cisco DNA provides a complete intent-based networking system that enables the network to instantly and effectively respond to dynamic IT and business needs. How? By infusing the network with capabilities that are software-driven; by automating the network with built-in security; and by outfitting the network to generate actionable, GUI-displayed data to provide real business insights; all powered by Cisco DNA Software Subscriptions.

Stay Plugged in with SD-WAN and Routing Subscriptions

Cisco’s pivot to subscriptions is an effort that benefits you. How? For a complete accounting of those benefits consult the first installment of this blog series, but for our purposes here today, let’s focus on just one: Cisco will always provide you continuous access to innovation. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this given the rapid evolution and deployment of SD-WAN. Jeff Reed, Cisco’s SVP of Product, Security Business Group, says it best:

The rapid adoption of SD-WAN for connecting to multi-cloud applications provides enterprises with the opportunity to rethink how access and security are managed from campus to cloud to edge. …[N]ew networking and security models, such as Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), provide a vision for managing the new normal.
Cisco is Building a Bridge to Secure Access Service Edge

It should come as no surprise that your initial Cisco implementation of these new networking and security models will be great. I can’t say it any better than Scott Harrell, Cisco SVP, intent-based networking group, did:

I would say we have arguably the most complete set of pieces between what we have in identity, what we have in SD-WAN, and what we have in cloud security, and that’s not an accident. We didn’t know to call it SASE, the framework came along later….
Cisco Throws Its Weight Behind SASE

But what differentiates Cisco from any other vendor is this: with any other vendor, that implementation is set in stone and is unable to evolve as the business objectives and technical innovation advance. Inevitably over time, the look, feel, and operation of a network supplied by any other vendor will present as a bolt-on, cobbled together mix and match of networking and security models. Cisco is uniquely positioned to help you avoid that. Thanks to the access to innovation afforded you through a Cisco DNA subscription, you will be able to maintain an integrated, holistic, best-in-class SD-WAN over time.

The Pièce de Résistance

Fulfilling our promise to deliver an integrated, holistic best-in-class SD-WAN over time, in early May, Cisco added compelling new SASE-oriented features to the Cisco DNA for SD-WAN and Routing Premier subscription tier, making it the go-to option. Cisco implemented this packaging change by dropping Cisco Umbrella Insights for the more robust Cisco Umbrella SIG Essentials. Now Cisco DNA for SD-WAN and Routing Premier’s advanced SD-WAN security equips your network to mitigate the most sophisticated threats to your business.

Cisco DNA Premier Updates


Rather than attempt to paraphrase the pages and pages of marketing material on Cisco Umbrella Security in general, and Cisco Umbrella SIG Essentials in particular, let me whet your appetite with just these few juicy morsels:


  • The Cisco Umbrella SIG Essentials license entitlement is based on the bandwidth level purchased per SD-WAN device. Please consult the following table for those entitlements:



License entitlements.
  • Despite infusing cutting-edge SASE functionality into Cisco DNA Premier for SD-WAN and Routing, prices for the Premier tier have not changed.

If you are ready to take the plunge into SD-WAN, there is no better time than right now to consider a subscription to Cisco DNA Premier for SD-WAN and Routing. And for those of you who felt that Cisco DNA Premier for SD-WAN and Routing didn’t offer a commensurate amenity lift to warrant the upcharge from Cisco DNA Advantage for SD-WAN and Routing, I urge you to revisit that decision.


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