I’m excited to announce the Podcast Domain – a podcasting space at Cisco Live! This is a place where Cisco Live attendees can come to record their podcast with some of our best and brightest Cisco experts as guests. If you have a podcast and would like to be considered for a slot leave a note below (and how to contact you, duh) or fill out a nifty form.  Below, a few topics our experts have offered up and a few I made up and (further below) some of the logistics.

  • APIs – The New Currency?
  • May the Application be With You
  • Adventures in Securing Ad-hoc Networks (During Disasters)
  • Automating the Network
  • [SECRET]
  • High Availability And YOU
  • (Yet Another) YANG Development Kit
  • Programmable HW enabling [REDACTED]
  • The Evolution of Physical Infrastructure
  • Sneaky Tricks to De-Risk Migration
  • Something, Something, Data Center, ?, Profit!
  • Can you activate people by sprinkling them with Catalyst dust?* (I made this one up after an episode of Cisco Champions Radio)

Sticker Exchange:  If your podcast has a sticker, stop by to share yours or pick up one of the awesome ones at the booth. This will be a great way to share and meet folks!

Layout: The Podcast Domain is in World of Solutions, right next to the Broadcast Studio. We’ve got a semi-quiet space (it might look like a fishbowl) and quality audio equipment.  If folks want to listen in we’ll be broadcasting right outside the fishbowl where we have some cubes and charging tables so you can get your brain and electronics juiced up!

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Where Will It Be Posted:  As soon as you wrap your session our audio experts will hand you a thumbdrive with your file – it will be up to you to post to your feed when you’re ready.

Any questions? Leave a note in the comments below or ping me on the Twitters. And don’t forget to sign up!

And if this doesn’t bring joy to your day, a few other cool things to note happening at CLUS: Annual Tweetup, Kilt Monday, Tech Field Day (which you can watch in your underwear…. but in private, please), and a bunch of sekret things with Cisco Champions!


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks