In the last year, we’ve seen substantial changes in how enterprises conduct business. When the pandemic hit, it exposed gaps in business continuity plans, and it showcased the need to quickly deploy and remotely manage secure connections.

ngena provides a global platform enabling rapid provisioning and activation of services. Logicalis UK chose ngena services based on Cisco SD-WAN to help them deliver connectivity services to their many enterprise customers on a global scale.


Exploring business options for a SD-WAN managed service

Managed SD-WAN offerings have become a top priority because of the agility and flexibility it offers.

With more than thirty years of experience offering networking services to its customers, Logicalis UK is a leader in IT services.  They meticulously considered three fundamental options:

  • Build and operate in-house
  • Partner with a traditional service provider
  • Partner with ngena

Logicalis UK has the internal competency to build and operate its own SD-WAN service, and as a Cisco Gold partner, Logicalis UK has expertise with Cisco SD-WAN technology. Logicalis UK identified a number of challenges they would face when building and operating its own SD-WAN service:

  • Large investment: High levels of capital, headcount, and elapsed time would be required to build the service
  • Difficult to scale: Logicalis UK would need to negotiate contracts with and manage a large number of telco providers around the world in order to offer a global service
  • Limited internal capacity: Once in operation, Logicalis UK would likely have a limited internal engineering team

After weighing the options, Logicalis UK then took an in-depth look at ngena. Their service  empowered Logicalis UK to add their own value around it.

“Delivering SD-WAN-as-a-service to our customers securely and efficiently is our priority. With services based on Cisco SD-WAN, we are able to serve rapidly and at scale” – Chis Gabriel


Logicalis UK offers a rapid, cost effective deployment with ngena

Leveraged ngena’s SD-WAN platform, people, and processes, Logicalis UK was able to quickly bring to market a managed SD-WAN solution built on Cisco® technology – with minimum investment.                                                                 

Logicalis UK can generate a budgetary quote in minutes and quickly move to a final proposal for the customer.  This is a huge reduction in the time it has traditionally taken to provide a customer a quote.

Logicalis UK engineers maintain visibility and control while managing and configuring end-customer networks. Cisco vManage and Cisco vAnalytics capabilities provide Logicalis UK with visibility into the performance of the network – a single pane of glass to manage the process from quote to operations and everything in between.

As a Cisco Gold level partner, it was important in Logicalis UK’s decision that this solution was built on Cisco SD-WAN technology, which comes with ngena’s global connectivity platform.


Advantages that make a difference

Logicalis UK can now deliver an SD-WAN service to customers with remote sites located around the world—providing a global service.

With access to knowledgeable and responsiveness resources at Cisco and ngena, Logicalis UK  has the ability to scale their managed service offering as needed, so that they can reach more customers without internal resource limitations.


Summary of benefits:

  • Rapid commercial availability, in weeks versus months or years, with limited internal investment required to build and operate its own SD-WAN service
  • Quickly deploy customer SD-WAN solutions from first quotes to being fully operational
  • Visibility and control to manage and configure a customer’s WAN, without the responsibility of operating it
  • Scalable solution providing the ability for Logicalis UK to reach more customers


Looking forward

In today’s world there are changes we can plan for, and as we’ve learned, others we can’t anticipate. Logicalis UK helps their customers build adaptive digital networks for business resiliency and the flexibility and capabilities to meet the future unknowns.



For information regarding Cisco SD-WAN, visit Cisco SD-WAN solution page.

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