Here’s a work riddle: When does having a Cisco Aironet Access Point (AP) result in fewer meetings?

Answer: Every time.

With Cisco Aironet Access Points employing Flexible Radio Assignment (FRA) to automatically adjust the AP’s dual radios to better account for increased network traffic. This means your meetings will be so worry-free (technology wise), you’ll have the time to get down to business without stressing about dropped connections and shoddy device performance. After checking out this new infographic, you’ll understand how Cisco’s unique feature, Flexible Radio Assignment can change the way your entire network operates.

Find out what happens with when Cisco Aironet 2800 and 3800 Access Points are put to the test against a competitor’s Flexible Radio Assignment-less AP. Spoiler alert: frustration, wasted time and a lost opportunity awaits for the office not using the Cisco Aironet Access Points.

Flexible Radio Assignment isn’t the only thing that separates Cisco Aironet Access Points from the competition; to find out the full story, click here.


Byron Magrane

Product Manager, Marketing