Cisco has continued to deliver on its promise of innovation in our Cisco DNA software for Wireless subscription. Networking demands are increasing and trends in technology are changing, like the need for a safe and productive hybrid work environment. By deploying the latest innovations in Cisco DNA Advantage software for Wireless along with Cisco DNA Center, you can provide your workforce with improved wireless stability, performance, and security. This leads to increased worker productivity, no matter where they are working from.

What’s new?

Wireless 3D Analyzer: Gain a completely new perspective of the typically invisible Wi-Fi radio frequency (RF). 2D maps that show AP placement on the floor and how RF is propagated from a top-down view no longer cut it because we live in a 3D world. As a network provider, in order to ensure that there is proper wireless coverage in every floor and building, you would need the ability to view wireless RF at different angles in order to discover and resolve RF coverage holes. The wireless 3D map solves these issues by creating an immersive experience that accurately replicates your floor map and all obstacles. This is an incredible addition to our monitoring and network deployment feature set.

Wireless 3D Analyzer
Figure 1: Wireless 3D Analyzer

AI-Enhanced RRM: Leverage artificial intelligence to optimize your wireless performance. Traditional radio resource management (RRM) does not consider trends in usage and critical work hours during the day. Radio optimizations are reacting to static threshold alarms as they occur. RRM doesn’t consider the dynamic properties of a wireless network – like the addition of cubicles, furniture, more devices, interference etc. AI Enhanced RRM evaluates two weeks worth of RF data with artificial intelligence to discover patterns and then proactively optimize your wireless before issues occur. This leads to stable wireless connectivity leading to consistent end user experience.

AI-Enhanced RRM
Figure 2: AI-Enhanced RRM

AP Performance Advisories: As your wireless network grows to dozens or hundreds of access points,  underperforming access points can easily go unnoticed. AP Performance Advisories uses machine learning to measure and benchmark client experience parameters across all of your access points. It then flags any underperformers and lists them on the advisory dashboard. This helps identify and isolate poor-performing APs based on end-user experience and enables proactive AP performance optimization efforts to maintain client experience. You can monitor KPIs for these poor-performing APs and investigate further. You can get a view of the top 3 poor-performing APs in a screenshot helping to prioritize which ones to troubleshoot.

AP Performance Advisories
Figure 3: AP Performance Advisories

Intelligent Capture: Resolve even the most difficult wireless issues with technical insight into metrics from both a client and access point perspective. It provides support for a direct communication link between Cisco DNA Center and access points, so each of the APs can communicate with Cisco DNA Center directly. Using this channel, Cisco DNA Center can receive packet capture (PCAP) data, AP and client statistics, and spectrum data, allowing you to access data from APs that is not available from wireless controllers.

Intelligent Capture
Figure 4: Intelligent Capture

How can I get these features and more?

If you already have a Cisco DNA Advantage subscription in Wireless along with Cisco DNA Center, you will get to utilize these features at no additional cost to you. To see a full list of features and capabilities included in the Cisco DNA Software for Wireless subscription, please visit the feature matrix.

If you do not have a Cisco DNA Advantage subscription or if you have a Cisco DNA Essentials subscription, the time to upgrade is now. We will continue to innovate and add more wireless features to our advantage tier.

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