Cisco BYOD Solutions for K12 Education bring the freedom to learn anywhere, anytime while adding a dynamic, vivid component to education.

We see Cisco BYOD Solutions for K12 Education utilized nationwide in varying school district sizes ranging from small primary school districts (less than 2,500 students) up to large primary school districts (more than 25,000 students).  A great example of this is Johnson City Schools, with 11 schools within the district.  With wired Internet access readily available in schools, Johnson City Schools took a first step into wireless access in its elementary schools. Flexible access to networks encouraged teachers to use laptop computers in classrooms, stream online video, and adopt testing applications that used iPods, tablets, or other mobile devices. The schools’ networks also dealt with limitations such as security measures preventing access for students and guests.

Read what Johnson City School District found when comparing different wireless network vendors. See how, after selecting and deploying Cisco’s BYOD Solutions for K12, anytime access improved communications and enhanced information access. Administrators, faculty, and staff can send notes, check emails, or log in to applications from anywhere on campus. Increased use of network-connected applications also helped faculty communicate with students and teachers. More importantly, parents as well as students can access the same applications from home or as guests on the schools’ networks to check progress in real-time.

Technology is transforming students’ learning experience, the teacher’s teaching experience, and the parent’s academic insight. Learn more about Cisco BYOD Solutions for K12 Education.