For the last 3 weeks, my colleagues have written on the topic of IWAN and its various components.  Ido wrote about the basics (and more) about IWAN, Kiran on how to get twice the bandwidth with PfR, and Hector on how Glue Networks improves the IWAN experience for IT.   As the name suggests, the ‘WAN’ in Intelligent WAN is a very important element but we can’t forget why we need an intelligent WAN – the branch or store that sits on the other side.  It’s the place where 80% of employees of enterprises reside and where content explosion is happening with cloud applications, video training, and other business applications need to be delivered to.  So it would be an understatement to say the branch architecture and how applications are delivered and hosted is important.

This is where the UCS E-Series Servers come in.  As an extension of the ever-popular Cisco’s UCS servers in the data center, the UCS E-Series servers in the branch are server modules that are deployed inside the ISR G2s.  These servers are price-to-performance-optimized, simple to deploy, reliable and power efficient.  Instead of having multiple appliances in the branch including the must-have router, why not consolidate?  It saves space, which is much needed in a small branch or store, and other costs benefits including maintenance fees.  But instead of sounding like a broken record, we’d like to tell the story from our customers’ point of view.

Join us next Wednesday on the 19th 10AM PST for our webinar: “Transforming the Branch Office with a Single-Box Solution”.  In this session, we’ll review the general overview of IWAN and UCS E-Series.  In addition, we’ll provide more details on UCSE, in the context of customers and details of their specific deployment of the solution.   And this is what is amazing about the UCSE, its versatility.  One customer will use it to host a VDI solution – it gives them flexibility, agility and business continuity.  One customer uses UCSE to host medical applications that help connect the previously unconnected hospitals and patient data.  This helps doctors effectively treat their patients – the more information they have, the easier it is to diagnose.  More technical details will be discussed in the webinar and these videos helps set the stage:


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Allison Park

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks