Response to our Cisco Intelligent WAN with Akamai Connect launch in April and at Cisco Live has been overwhelmingly positive.  Thank you to all who came by our demo in the World of Solution as well as all our sessions!  We met with numerous IT Managers, Directors and Architects who recognized the need for an intelligent branch infrastructure to prepare for the innovative initiatives the business owners want to roll out in the branch or store. 

One of the fun events we held at Cisco Live was Tech Field Day where our Product Managers met with a few tech gurus to share our announcement and have an open discussion on the solution and what it can do.  We answered questions on the solution differentiators and why we believe Akamai Connect turbo charges the Cisco Intelligent WAN.  Watch this Tech Field Day video:


There is another opportunity to learn about Akamai Connect and deep dive with the experts.  Join us for a webinar next Tuesday June 17th at 10am PST with  Zeus Kerravala from ZK Research who will share his perspective on the industry trends and the pressure the network is under.  Liad Ofek from Cisco and Mike Wood from Akamai will discuss how Cisco Intelligent WAN with Akamai Connect can solve this problem and bring IT and Business Leaders together to provide high-quality experiences our employees and customers need.  We will provide technical details of our solution as well as use cases of how other companies are using Akamai Connect.  And as usual, TechWise TV’s very own Robb Boyd will be our host for the event.

Register here for the webinar to learn how to optimize the user experience regardless of device, connectivity or location with Akamai Connect.


Allison Park

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks