Today CIOs are stuck in the midst of technology trends. On the one hand, CIOs are under pressure to grow the business by transforming their traditional branch to a digital-ready branch. On the other hand, network admins ask for continued investment in mainstream applications to streamline day-to-day operations.

The dilemma is that CIOs cannot forgo investment in mainstream applications because those applications are the foundation of branch IT. But, to win against competition, CIOs need the features of a digital-ready branch. This leads to an allocation challenge because IT budgets are limited. In essence, this is a

Chicken-and-Egg problem:   CIOs want a digital ready branch to enable growth, but growth is required in order to increase the IT budget and invest in a digital ready branch.

This problem grows larger as businesses expand to global locations in search of growth and continue to invest in low quality products, which eventually need to be replaced. Before your business dies under its own weight or it is too late, CIOs need a solution.


Cisco has your back! We solved this problem by designing a solution that does not need huge investment to transform your branch into a digital ready branch. After listening to many customers, we took this engineering challenge and innovated extremely dense yet powerful computing platforms (UCS E-series M3) for modular ISRs (Integrated Service Routers). Together with ISRs and new UCS E-series M3, our partnership with leading vSAN providers (VMware and StorMagic) and a wide variety of modules offer an unparalleled hyper-converged solution for your branch. With the following benefits, it is undoubtedly the best solution:

  • Less Incremental Cost – Add a new blade to your existing Cisco ISRs to enable a digital ready branch
  • Ease of Management – a highly consolidated solution that allows you to run both mainstream and digital-ready applications in one box
  • Effortless Scalability – scale to 1000s of branch offices with a single centralized orchestration software
  • Highly Real Estate Efficient – no other product can host all apps and modules in as small a footprint
  • Hyper-converged Capability – our solution is offered at a fraction of the cost of other market solutions



3 Key Differentiators:

  1. Broad palette of modules for Voice, Switch, T1, DSL, 4G and more.
  2. High Availability offerings from our industry leading vSAN partners (VMware and Stormagic)
  3. We designed UCS E-series M3 blades keeping in mind the number of applications and performance required for a digital ready branch. These shock-proof, dust-proof ninjas offer great performance even in tough environments.


This UCS E-Series blade is a one-of-a-kind – powerful, real-estate efficient, modular – hyper-converged solution. Bring this beauty to your branch and say goodbye, not only to your IT problems, but also to your competition!

We will offer a special bundle price promotion to all folks visiting us at our launch during Cisco Live Vegas (25-29 June’17). Stop by Demo POD 3 in Enterprise Network and Mobility section to experience the solution first-hand.

Feel free to reach to me on linkedin or twitter for further questions.

Look out for my next blog on Virtualization solutions.



Vikramjeet Singh

Product Manager