Recently, I was chatting with Hugo Vliegen, Director of Technical marketing, Enterprise Networks, and he was telling me all of the questions he had been getting from customers about the Cisco UCS E-Series.  Questions such as:

  • What’s this rumor I’ve heard that Cisco has a server that sits on a branch router?
  • You’re telling me the UCS E-Series is enterprise-class? What does that even mean?
  • What’s new on the Cisco ISR series?

So I suggested we do an interview series with Hugo – something short and fun where he could get the Cisco experts on the record and help our customers learn a little more about the UCS E-Series.

Below, is the first of these interviews, UCS E-Series 101.  Hugo interviews Jay Chokshi, Product Line Manager for the UCS E-Series.  You will learn about this data center-class server blade branch that is embedded within the Integrated Services Router (ISR).  UCS E-Series provides networking, networking, compute and storage in one single box.  For companies and enterprises that are looking for simplification, standardization, and are real estate constrained, this is the perfect platform for consolidating your IT infrastructure at small and remote locations.

Some key facts about UCS E-Series:

  • Intel Xeon processor E5-2400 and E3-1100
  • Up to 48GB of DRAM
  • Up to 3TB of storage (SATA, SAS or SSD)
  • RAID 0,1 and 5 support
  • Power-optimized

Watch this episode with no commercial interruption:



Series Premier of Inside the Branch: UCS E-Series.  Episode One

  •  Series: Inside the Branch
  • Season 1: Inside UCS E-Series
  • Episode 1: UCS E-Series 101
  • Host: Hugo Vliegen (Director Technical Marketing, Enterprise Networks)
  • Guest: Jay Chokshi (Product Line Manager, Enterprise Networks)

Stay tuned for our next episode of of Inside UCS E-Series, airing on October 24th: Hugo looks for applications inside the UCSE.


Allison Park

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks