AP19098How many times have we done something for others? Something for people we don’t even know. We all love doing things either for ourselves, family or friends but participating in a cause, which is entirely for people who do not currently enjoy the beautiful morning walks, running or playing is another dimension and fills us with energy.

Would you like to participate in such a cause?  It is happening simultaneously worldwide where everyone is running for those who can’t!

The Wings for Life World Run is an entirely new type of event never before seen nor undertaken in either running or any other sporting field. Why? Because it is a truly global adventure, encompassing up to 35 locations, in which everyone runs at the very same time all over the world!

By running in the Wings For Life World Run you will not only be participating in a unique global sporting event but you will also be taking precious steps towards finding a cure for debilitating spinal cord injury. 100% of proceeds from the Wings For Life World Run will go towards Wings For Life Foundation, a foundation that funds research into finding a cure for spinal cord injury: Finding a cure for spinal cord injury is a matter of when not if. Enough funds for research will drastically accelerate finding this cure.


You must be wondering what Cisco has to do with this cause and why am I blogging about this. Recently, I had the privilege to work on a health care solution, alongside our partner Tiani Spirit, where we build out a Medical Data Exchange Solution (MDES). Cisco MDES is an integrated, end-to-end, standards-based solution that runs on the Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) E-Series server blade inside the Cisco Integrated Services Routers(ISRs) .  It facilitates patient-centric access to medical records. It gives healthcare professionals from multiple institutions access to patient data from previously disconnected systems with incompatible formats and disparate medical terminology. Now providers can quickly and easily access and review a patient’s medical data gathered by different applications and stored in separate locations.

Tiani Spirit and Cisco are sponsoring and participating in this amazing run. Bringing world class solutions to help provide better health care service to countries is a passion both companies share.

Hear more from Cisco, Wings for Life and Tiani about how they are helping transform health care globally:



Jay Chokshi

Director Product Management

Enterprise Networking