How well do IT and Business align?
How well do IT and Business align?

This morning at Interop Las Vegas Cisco SVP/GM Rob Soderbery introduced the crowd to his vision for the Cisco ONE Architecture, played some hoops with NBA All Star @kyrieirving, and introduced the new Cisco Global IT Impact Survey.The Cisco Global IT Impact Survey was taken by more than 1,300 IT decision makers in 13 countries, and was commissioned to measure the impact of IT professionals on the decisions that shape their businesses.  It also delved in to how those IT professionals viewed some of the big trends the industry is facing – SDN, IoT, BYOD, etc. –  while also measuring the relevance of the network itself to businesses.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at data cuts from the survey, but if you just can’t wait, more of the results are posted.  For now, we have some of the key take-aways in this infographic below.  Scroll to the bottom for sharing code if you’d like to use it in a blog of your own:

Cisco Global IT Impact Survey Infographic
The Perception Versus the Reality – How Well Do IT and Business Align?

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