This holiday season, whether you’re decking the halls with boughs of holly or roasting chestnuts on an open fire, you need to set the mood and get that ambiance just right. What better way to crank up that holiday spirit than with the latest podcasts episode of Cisco’s Insider Series for Networking? This episode features a lot for us to be jolly about as we dive headfirst into the newest Wi-Fi extension, Wi-Fi 6E.

Getting ready for Wi-Fi 6E

Join me as I talk with Cisco Wireless Product Managers Nicholas Swiatecki and David Wolf in a spirited discussion of all things Wi-Fi 6E.

Both Swiatecki and Wolf are experts in the wireless field . Over the course of 30 minutes, they unwrap all that’s great about Wi-Fi 6E. You’ll learn all about the Wi-Fi 6E extension, what upgrades you might need to make to your current network, how your legacy clients fit into this equation, what kind of use cases are perfect for Wi-Fi 6E and much, much more.

So, whether you know almost everything about Wi-Fi 6E or are just reading about this for the first time (unlikely, we hope, since we’ve written multiple blogs on Wi-Fi6E)—there will be something new for you to learn.

So grab that cup of piping hot cup of cocoa, cozy up with your favorite person by that warm fire, and give us a listen. You might love it so much that it could become your new holiday tradition!

Listen or dowload the Get ready for Wi-Fi 6E podcast on Soundcloud.

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