Sound familiar? We hear that term all the time. We hear it at home, we hear it at work, we keeping saying it to our elected officials. It’s a term often used when we are frustrated with progress. It doesn’t matter what the task is, we just want it done!

At Cisco we do a lot of research. We talk to customers to understand their needs, we survey customers to predict what their needs may be and we engage with the analyst community to understand how our industry is changing. Working from this feedback we aim to make an impact on the market with great products.

Moving to the Cloud has been a hot topic for the past few years and it has been amazing to watch the progress. Just two years ago, our Cloud Connected Survey highlighted the challenges Enterprises were facing as they tried to migrate to the Cloud, with Security being one of the top concerns. The Cisco product team responded to those concerns with the Cloud Services Router 1000V aiming to help Enterprises to ‘get on with it’ and accelerate their migration to the Cloud.

Fast forward to 2014 and moving to the Cloud is becoming a top priority for Enterprise CEO’s. In fact Gartner estimates that nearly 50% of large Enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017. This momentum has been reflected in the demand for the CSR 1000V and is the driving force behind the latest CSR enhancements which I highlighted in my last blog. In parallel there are a number of promotions and resources that can help you to move to the Cloud:

For Amazon Web Services

  • $100 of promotional credit for Amazon Web Services EC2 when you sign up for the CSR Free Trial in July. See here for Terms and Conditions.
  • Alternatively you can deploy and explore the value and benefits of the CSR1000V on the AWS cloud in a lab environment using the CSR AWS Test Drive Lab. The current CSR 1000V lab includes up to 4 hours of complimentary AWS server time for you to try and evaluate a live CSR.

For Microsoft Hyper-V

  • CSR1000V release 3.12 expands hypervisor support to Microsoft Hyper-V

Deployment Guides

So if your business leader is telling you to ‘Get on with it!’, leverage these new resources and promotions to help you make the move to the Cloud today.

PS: Are you a smaller enterprise? The CSR1000v is still great for you, too:


Kiran Ghodgaonkar

Senior Manager, Enterprise Marketing

Intent-based Networking Group