Secure Access Service Edge, better known as ‘SASE’ (pronounced ‘Sassy’), is arguably one of the hottest topics in IT right now. Done right, it converges networking and security functions in the cloud to provide seamless and secure connectivity from every user and device to every cloud.

Done wrong, the promise of SASE is not fulfilled. It can mean more technical integration, more management consoles, and more IT complexity.

This is why so much of the SASE talk recently has focused on deployment options, choice of vendor, and solution type:

All good questions!

And ones that we aim to answer (and more) in our Cisco Chat being held October 20th at 10 AM PT, 19:00PM CET.

Join us for our SASE talk

I’ll be hosting Cisco’s SASE-est Subject Matter Experts, including:

  • Grant Shirk, Cisco Meraki Head of Product Marketing, who’ll show you why complexity is the biggest issue facing IT teams right now, and how the scale of the problem is only going to get worse
  • Yuval Yatskan, Cisco Senior Director, Solutions & Product Marketing for Cisco SASE, will provide a strategic refresher on the SASE acronyms that can often sound like an alphabet soup, and the specific challenges created when organizations try to stitch multi-vendor solutions together (policy, visibility gaps, poor IT and user experiences)
  • And Anthony Sabella, Cisco Director and Principal Architect, Enterprise Chief Technology Office, who’ll provide a deeper dive into what a typical journey from a data-centric architecture to a SASE one looks like – including consolidating workflows, touchpoints, and simplifying operations to scale exponentially

You will also get to pose your most pressing SASE questions to our experts during our live session.

Why SASE now?

Disruption from external forces has become a common occurrence for organizations of all sizes, which face challenges on many fronts:

  • Embracing hybrid work while connecting users and devices securely and seamlessly to corporate resources
  • Keeping operating costs down but delivering high-quality, digital experiences
  • Achieving greater business agility while mitigating security and management risk

In their quest for greater agility and resilience, organizations have accelerated their digital transformation efforts by moving more workloads out of data centers and into the cloud and adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS).

But with people using more devices (managed and unmanaged) and applications increasingly spread across multiple clouds, there is an ever-expanding attack surface and new levels of complexity to contend with in the IT environment:

  • Half of the organizations say they are lacking sufficient resources to detect and remediate application vulnerabilities quickly
  • 51% of organizations are struggling to connect users to company resources
  • 70% of IT leaders agree or strongly agree that managing a multi-vendor networking and security stack is too complex

Discover the secrets to success

For executives, SASE promises to:

  • Reduce cost (simplify operations)
  • Improve the user experience
  • Improve business agility
  • Minimize risk and protect the brand

In other words, no rack and stack, just maximum agility, and minimal costs. But not all solutions are equal, and every organization’s path to SASE will be unique.


If you’re keen to learning the secrets to SASE success and what Cisco does differently,

Join us on October 20th at 10 AM PT, 19:00PM CET


Ian Chard

Product Marketing Manager

Platforms and Solutions, CSM