Watch the March 24th Cisco Webinar on these two game-changing technologies.

We’ve all been there… you’re at the airport, a mall, the doctor’s office, or some other public location and have no access to cellular. You find a public Wi-Fi network, but can you trust it? It’s asking for a username (typically your email) and a password; do you go against your best judgement and enter it? How secure is this network? And once you’re on, how’s the service?

OpenRoaming answers these challenges by allowing users and guests to automatically and securely onboard the moment their device comes within range of a qualified and participating Wi-Fi network. No SSID guessing games, no portal confusion, no insecure usernames and passwords; just seamless and secure onboarding.

OpenRoaming + Cisco DNA Spaces

Together, OpenRoaming and Cisco DNA Spaces take seamless onboarding beyond connectivity and deliver rich location analytics resulting in a more engaging experience for guest users.

Who, what, when, where, and why

On March 24th at 10am PDT, join Cisco experts Matt MacPherson, CTO of Wireless and Vikas Murthy, Director of Product Development for a technical webinar on OpenRoaming and Cisco DNA Spaces.

During the webinar Matt and Vikas will discuss OpenRoaming: what it is, the technology that enables it, the standards and security protocols it adheres to, and how a federation of customers and partners will enable OpenRoaming to be a global, industry-wide initiative.

We’ll also discuss how OpenRoaming can significantly increase guest wireless attach rates to generate even more powerful location analytics from Cisco DNA Spaces. In addition, you’ll gain a deep understanding of Cisco DNA Space’s latest capabilities, use cases, partner framework and ecosystem, as well as the role of Wi-Fi 6 in today’s demanding guest wireless networks.


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Brett Shore

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Product Marketing