Migration of Cisco DNA Premier to Cisco DNA Expansion

Cisco officially announced the end-of-sale and end-of-life for the Cisco DNA Premier subscription PIDs for Switching and Wireless earlier this month (March 9, 2022). We made this decision because DNA Premier had some limitations, specifically the limited availability of license options and quantities. The Cisco DNA Expansion Pack includes all license options and quantities, as well as physical or virtual appliances and quick-start services so you can build a complete solution.

What is Cisco DNA Expansion Pack?

DNA Expansion Pack
Fig #1: DNA Expansion Pack

The Cisco DNA Expansion Pack provides a way for you to conveniently buy what you need for a full Cisco DNA solution. The pack provides flexibility to configure necessary product options within the quote.

  • Cisco DNA Spaces delivers location-based analytics to gain more insights into the behavior of people and things.
  • ThousandEyes allows you to instantly identify what is impacting user experiences across any domain—even those that you do not own or control.
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) enables a dynamic and automated approach to policy enforcement that simplifies the delivery of highly secure network access control.
  • Cisco Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch) provides pervasive network visibility and sophisticated security analytics for advanced protection.

All of these licenses would co-term, if desired. You can add this expansion pack to your Cisco DNA Advantage or Essentials licenses, but you do not need Cisco DNA licenses to purchase the pack. Furthermore, if you choose to move to an Enterprise Agreement, your investment would be protected.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a Cisco DNA Premier license?

If you already purchased a Premier license before the end-of-sale date, you will continue to receive contractual support on that license until the end of your term or March 2025, whichever comes earlier. Once your term ends, you can renew using Cisco DNA Advantage subscriptions in addition to the licenses you need in the Cisco DNA Expansion Pack.

Is there a specific amount of licenses I need to purchase in the Cisco DNA Expansion Pack?

No, there is no maximum. You can purchase the amount and type of license you need available in the pack, which is completely customizable by you.

Do I need to have a DNA Advantage subscription to be able to purchase the pack?

No, you can also purchase the pack if you have a Cisco DNA Essentials license. You can also purchase the pack without any Cisco DNA software licenses.

Is the Cisco DNA Expansion Pack available globally?

Yes, it is orderable globally.

Is there a pricing advantage in purchasing the Cisco DNA Expansion Pack?

Yes, the Cisco DNA Expansion Pack includes options to purchase most software based on scaled pricing bands embedded in the a-la-carte pricing for ISE, Stealthwatch, and Thousand Eyes that will reduce the list price per licensing unit when configuring higher quantities.  As a result, the higher the quantity that a customer purchases at one time, the lower the per-unit price.


View the Cisco DNA Expansion Pack at-a-glance.


Monisha Alfaro

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking & Mobility