During unprecedented periods of disruption, employee well-being and facility utilization will become top priorities for businesses of various sizes. Given tighter budgets and continued uncertainty, corporate real estate and facilities planning teams will have to determine the most effective and efficient use of their workspaces. To do this, these teams will need space utilization insights, so they can quickly identify changes in their workspaces and make data-driven decisions.

Understanding workspace utilization requires accurate occupancy data across all enterprise spaces, and gathering this data often leads to many challenges that include:

  • Purchasing, deploying, and supporting new technology architectures
  • Integrating disparate data sources into a common data lake
  • Translating large amounts of data into meaningful and actionable insights

Because generating accurate occupancy data through sensors and other technology can be very challenging, space allocation and build/lease decisions are commonly based on manual efforts, historical patterns, and anecdotal evidence.

Given these challenges, how should an enterprise use technology to learn more about their space, both to create an engaging workplace and increase productivity?

Enter Cisco DNA Spaces and IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights, two leaders in their respective markets, partnering to deliver predictive insights and high-value outcomes at scale and through the Cisco Wireless network and software. “Understanding who is using your space and when they’re using it has never been more critical,” said Kendra DeKeyel, Director, IBM TRIRIGA Offering Management. “Our new partnership with Cisco gives clients an easy way to capture that crucial occupancy information in real time, with their existing Wi-Fi network. TRIRIGA Buildings Insights then delivers AI insights from this occupancy data, helping businesses make better-informed space management decisions, and respond quickly to changing demands.”

How to Easily Unlock Occupancy Insights

By leveraging existing Cisco Wi-Fi network infrastructure and wireless access points, Cisco DNA Spaces aggregates location data to provide location data for IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights. There are several ways this can benefit corporate real estate teams, facilities planning managers, and IT Professionals.

By using the wireless network, real estate and facility planning teams can gain historic and real-time visibility into how occupants use the workspace. These teams can realize significant cost savings by re-purposing or scaling back underutilized space. This is done through Cisco DNA Spaces cloud. It normalizes network data to determine occupants, and then delivers this data to IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights.

Planning teams can also understand how different departments use workspaces through the IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights partnership.  By understanding which departments use which spaces, planning teams can ensure that the workspace is optimized for the types of employees who spend the most time there.

For IT teams with existing Cisco Wireless infrastructure, they can deploy this solution without having to provision or upgrade new hardware or onboard new vendors. The Cisco DNA Spaces App Center makes the integration with IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights simple and secure.

Make every space count

With Cisco DNA Spaces and IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights, facilities planning managers can make informed business decisions about whether to expand their buildings, or even scale back on their facilities to save costs. As more data is generated, they can get smart, AI-driven recommendations on build/lease decisions as well. With accurate, real-time occupancy insights, facilities planning managers can ensure that their real estate portfolios are right sized. Most importantly, they have the resources to make the most out of every square foot.

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Lucas Hanson

Senior Product Manager

Cisco DNA Spaces