Okay, let’s be honest, back in my K-12 school days, I generally had one eye trained on the classroom clock. I’d watch as the minute hand made its painfully slow march toward the recess bell and escape. Now, thanks to iSchool Initiative some lucky students and administrators are watching the classroom clock and tracking their own escape. Albeit an escape that is more focused on learning than recess.

iSchool Initiative recently introduced a new “Escape from the Bus” adventure. At select regional events, the iSchool Initiative team parks their bus—fully stocked with Cisco Mobility and Collaboration technologies—onsite. Then students and administrators are “locked” inside and given 40 minutes to decipher the clues that will help them escape.

During this time, the participants must apply teamwork, problem solving, and logic to crack the code. They are given no instructions, just the tools. Each technology yields a clue that, in turn, is used to discover the next. Sound like good skills for education? You bet.

Students and administrators are responding. During the adventure’s last few stops, three days of “Escape” experiences were booked within two hours. When was the last time people worked so hard to be trapped in a bus?

Take a look at this iSchool Initiative Escape the Bus video to see why.

And if you’d like to make your own escape, see when the bus will be in your area or schedule your own tour.

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Daryl Coon

Cisco Customer Solutions Marketing